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The rest of the documentation on this page might be usefull but is probably outdated.

Reporting bugs

Post bugs at the aasimon bugcenter.
Log in with username: anonymous and password: miav.

If you plan to submit more bugreports, please send an email to and a real login will be created for you.

How to install?
First of all make sure all dependencies are fulfilled.
These are:
  • libQT >= 3.3 (
  • libJpeg (
  • libSDL >= 1.2 (
  • libdv (
  • libraw1394 (
  • libfame >= 0.9.1, older versions produce purely green frames! (
  • liblame >= 3.96.1 (
  • The linux kernel >= 2.6.11 (
On Fedora Core 3 a simple add to the yum repository can make all these installable:
Simply create the file
name=Dag RPM Repository for Fedora Core 
and then run
yum install qt-devel libdv-devel SDL-devel
libjpeg-devel libraw1394-devel libfame-devel lame-devel
to install the development packages and
yum update kernel
to update to the latest kernel.
How to create the raw1394 device node?
Run as root:
  $  cd /dev/
  $  ./MAKEDEV raw1394
  $  chmod 666 raw1394
And then to make sure the correct modules are loaded in the kernel run:
  $  modprobe raw1394